Circles Off Episode 157 - Why Betting on Sports Is Better than Investing in the Stock Market



Mastering the Game: Chris Dierkes on Poker, Sports Betting, and Strategic Insights


Unlocking Winning Strategies with Chris Dierkes

In the latest episode of the Circles Off podcast, we dive deep into the intricate world of poker and sports betting with Chris Dierkes, a proficient player and software engineer hailing from New York City. Chris's journey from battling addiction in the realm of RuneScape to mastering online poker and transitioning to sports betting is nothing short of inspiring. This episode is a treasure trove of strategic insights, personal anecdotes, and practical advice for anyone looking to enhance their betting game.


From Addiction to Mastery

Chris Dierkes's gambling journey began with a family deeply rooted in gambling culture and a personal addiction to in-game gambling in the video game RuneScape. His initial foray into online poker was fraught with losses, but through rigorous study and perseverance, he transformed into a winning player. This narrative of transformation sets the stage for the episode, highlighting the importance of resilience and continuous learning in the world of gambling.


Transitioning from Poker to Sports Betting

The transition from poker to sports betting is a significant theme in Chris's story. He elaborates on the distinct strategies that set these two domains apart, particularly emphasizing the importance of leveraging data-driven tools like Odds Jam and Pinnacle. Chris shares practical advice on finding valuable bets, the challenges of online poker, and the strategic overlaps between poker and sports betting. His insights into the art of finding soft games and the nuances of online versus in-person poker are particularly enlightening.


Benefits and Strategies for Betting Futures

Chris delves into the strategic value and considerations of betting on futures in sports betting, a concept & argument that Johnny has taken the other side of many times in the past. He discusses the potential for significant returns by masking your bets, old edges ranging from 10% to 15%, and offers a unique perspective on the tax benefits of futures bets. This chapter also explores the practical challenges of tying up bankrolls for extended periods and the impact on account perception and longevity.


Betting Strategies and Account Survival

Account management is a crucial aspect of successful sports betting, and Chris shares various anecdotes and strategies related to this topic. From exploiting mistakes by sportsbooks to understanding the pay per head (PPH) system, Chris provides a wealth of knowledge on maintaining the longevity of betting accounts. His role as a head trader in managing accounts and ensuring their survival is particularly insightful for those looking to sustain their betting activities over the long term.


Profiling Sports Bettors

The episode also explores strategies for avoiding being flagged by bookmakers. Chris emphasizes the importance of appearing as a recreational bettor in the initial weeks and suggests tactics such as betting on local teams and leveraging the bets of non-successful gambler friends. This chapter highlights the necessity of consistent sharp betting once profiled and the challenges sportsbooks face in identifying sharp bets among a flood of incoming wagers.


Professional Reflections on Gambling and Investing

Chris reflects on his professional journey, discussing his transition from betting for the love of sports to focusing primarily on maximizing profits. He shares his perspective on the differences between beating the stock market and sports betting, humorously noting that while some people believe they can predict stock prices, sports betting remains the easier arena to master.


Old Edge Revival in Sports Betting

The concept of leveraging old betting edges in new ways is explored in this chapter. Chris shares a unique NASCAR betting strategy involving correlated parlays and encourages the community to contribute their own past edges to spark new ideas and collaborative gains.


Tipping Etiquette and Life Advice

The episode wraps up with some humorous and practical life advice from Chris. From a bold prediction about Yannick Sinner winning the French Open to practical dining tips and a discussion on tipping etiquette, this chapter offers a lighthearted end to a rich and informative episode.



This episode of Circles Off with Chris Dierkes is a must-listen for anyone interested in poker, sports betting, and the strategic insights that can transform gambling habits. Chris's journey from addiction to mastery, combined with his practical advice and personal anecdotes, offers a comprehensive guide to enhancing your betting game. Tune in to unlock the secrets of sharp sports betting and poker playing, and walk away with actionable strategies to elevate your own gambling endeavors. You can follow Chris on Twitter / X at


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