MLB Player Props & Best Bets Today (July 19, 2024): Picks, Odds & Predictions for Friday's Games


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How We Make Our Picks

Our proprietary Betstamp player prop comparison tool generates our player prop picks. It identifies bets where the odds offered are significantly higher than the true probability, known as Positive Expected Value (+EV) betting (Click HERE to learn more about what +EV Betting is!!). Our data and math-driven approach has won users MILLIONS over the past 3 years, and we aim to uncover valuable, mis-priced bets across various sports to provide disciplined, sustainable profit to users!



WSH @ CIN - 6:45 PM EST


Our Pick: Patrick Corbin OVER 5.5 Hits Allowed -110 @ BetMGM (Click HERE to Sign Up To BetMGM!)

Edge: 7.98% Expected Value


Patrick Corbin has allowed 30 hits over his last 5 games, indicating a pattern of struggle on the mound. With an earned run average of 4.8 and 15 Earned Runs allowed in this span, he is consistently giving up a significant number of hits. These statistics strongly support betting on Corbin to allow over 5.5 hits. The current market odds of -110 offer significant value compared to the true line of -130. Betting here presents a great value opportunity based on his recent performance.


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TOR @ DET - 7:07 PM EST


Our Pick: Jack Flaherty UNDER 17.5 Pitching Outs +116 @ BetRivers

Edge: 8.06% Expected Value


The current odds of +116 offer tremendous value compared to the true line of -100 our Betstamp Player Prop Comparision tool outlines. Betting on Flaherty to stay under 17.5 pitching outs offers great value based on BetRivers off-market price. 


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KC @ CWS - 8:10 PM EST


Our Pick: Michael Wacha UNDER 18.5 Pitching Outs -161 @ BetRivers

Edge: 9.14% Expected Value


Sharp sportsbooks have set their line at 17.5 outs, indicating a more conservative expectation for Wacha's outing. The discrepancy between these books and the 18.5 line presents value on the under. Additionally, Wacha has only surpassed 18 outs in 1 of his last 10 starts, further supporting our play.


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